Atlas Babies and Parents is a fitness class that you can bring your baby (or babies!) to. Held in a spacious venue with plenty of room for prams and pushchairs, this class works around looking after your little ones. It doesn’t matter if your baby is screaming the house down or snoozing peacefully, the relaxed atmosphere means everyone is welcome and supported. 

In 60 minutes we look at increasing strength, stamina and post-partum fitness. There’s a focus on core work and an accommodation of common post pregnancy problems. The class is for absolutely all levels. 

WHEN: Mondays at 2.40 at the Hornsey Vale Community Centre and Thursdays at 9.30 and 10.30 am at the Princess Alexandra

HOW MUCH: From £6


Great fun and hard work in one. Melissa is a fabulously energetic and caring fitness instructor and she’s proving to be a great babysitter too 😁 The class a good choice for new mamas for when you’re ready to start getting back to fitness.

Sarah A

Atlas is such a brilliant class! I felt really unfit after having a baby but the class has been a great way to rebuild my fitness. The babies seem to love Melissa too which helps! Highly recommend if you are looking for a good workout with no fancy equipment... with a baby in tow!

Jessica P

Melissa’s atlas class has been brilliant for me post natally. It’s so much fun and gets my heart rate up...I feel really relaxed bringing my baby too which I think means I’m really able to enjoy the class. I’m planning on getting Jennifer Anniston arms before returning to work with Melissa’s help 😁

Davina P

Brilliant class, and best of all the toddler enjoyed it! She loved trying the exercises. Melissa is a fantastic teacher and was happy to entertain and hold my daughter when needed.

Jessica G

Tailored to all levels this is a fun and incredibly effective fitness class. Melissa is an inspiring trainer and I feel stronger after a matter of weeks. Very relaxed atmosphere, Melissa will hold your baby and/or you can break to attend to them as needed.

Amy C