Five Essential Barbell Moves

These five barbell moves will work everything from your legs, to your abs to your arms. As they are compound (entire body) exercises you'll keep your heart rate high and burn a lot of fat whilst doing them! Brucey Bonus.  



FRONT SQUAT: Place the bar on your back, on the squashy bit of your neck. Squat down, keeping your heels firmly on the floor and pushing your glutes backwards. Think about going to the toilet, in the olden days in France, where there was just a hole in the ground and you had to stop yourself falling in.  




Start with the bar just above your chest and simply drive it up in the air. Keep your knees slightly bent and avoid arching your back. You'll need to use a slightly lighter weight than you did for your back squat. Try to use just your upper body for this move. If you feel like there's absolutely no way you're gonna be able to press the last couple of reps, invite your legs to help a little bit.



This is allllllll about the glutes and hamstrings. Starting in a standing position, start to lower the bar towards the floor, keeping your back TOTALLY straight. You need a very slight bend in the knee and keep your eyes forward and heels firmly on the floor. Remember all those 'how to lift boxes safely at work videos' - well it's basically that with a bar, and straighter legs. 




I'm genuinely surprised this wasn't used in the middle ages as a form of torture. Let's be honest, it makes you feel like you're being split in half but it will give you the abs of an Adonis. In fact, people will probably call you 'Abdonis' after you've done this. Start on your knees, slowly roll the bar out in front of you pressing into the floor. Make sure to keep your body totally straight, your arms body and legs need to all move at the same time. Then slowly pull the bar back towards you. Again make sure you pull your arms back in tandem with your core. A common mistake here is to push bum back first and then follow with arms. If you're doing it right you'll definitely feel it. It can help to go sideways on in a mirror to check your form. 




Take a big step forward with your right leg. Ensure that your front knee is over the laces of your trainer (no further forward) and your back knee is as close to the ground as you can get it. Return to standing position without dragging your foot. Repeat on other leg.