A Day in the Life of a Spin Instructor/PT

6.30: Wake up - Look at phone:

1 Text from mum: ‘Pls take care on moped, is icy spicy! Maybe think about wheeling it?’

2 Client cancellations

3 Clients rearranging sessions (illness/spiders/childcare)

4 Instagram messages from Herbalife/Similar representatives ‘Hey Babe, LOVE your profile! You have the absolutely perfect lifestyle and did you know that you could be making a ton of money?!’. Delete, delete, delete, delete.

5 Emails about stuff I should really deal with now, but will later instead, (or tomorrow).

75 Cover requests from Gymbox app (Nope, I still can’t' teach commercial dance).

(Wonder how all this could have happened in five hours been asleep).

6.45: Spend 15 minutes playing 'Client Tetris'.

7:30: Teach Spin Class. (P.E kit no 1). Everyone miserable as it's 7am on Monday. Still give 100% and try to make good jokes. 7 people leave between 7.25 and 7.45. (WOULD I LEAVE HALF WAY THROUGH IF YOU WERE DOING A POWERPOINT PRESENTATION? I think that’s what people mainly do in offices.)

9-11.30: Train clients (P.E kit no 2) Moped from various locations over North and Central london. (Drop weights on foot, chase after boxing gloves which are escaping downhill, lose moped keys, panic, find in one of boxing gloves.)

12.30: Arrive at gym. Nowhere to park moped. Beg deliveroo driver to give me his space. Offer him chewing gum as bribe. Teach Spin Class. Everyone little bit happier as have made it through the morning. One girl on phone. Assume must be emergency. Walk up to see if she’s OK. She’s on Facebook. Five people leave between 1 and 1.15.

13.15 Get changed (P.E kit number 3) Realise haven't had breakfast or lunch. Find odd looking oat ball in bottom of bag, eat it. Strong taste of socks.

13.30 Retrieve moped. Deliveroo driver now been joined by six friends, all look hungry for chewing gum. Zoom off ASAP.

14:00 Get home, eat lunch whilst writing client plans, making playlists and replying to emails and texts (mum: 'R u OK? Is very rainy today. Maybe walking is better?’ GF; 'What 4 dinner?' Client ‘Which exercise can I do for tiny bottom and six pack in two weeks?’ Friend ‘Are you coming to other friend’s Birthday dinner 7pm Thursday?’ (ha good one).

15.30: Realise have spare ten minutes before have to set off for afternoon clients/classes. Think should really update website/write blog post/empty dishwashwer/wash p.e kits /train self (ha)/do some business woman stuff. Actually lie on sofa watching video on BBC news of babies eating limes for the first time. Regret nothing. 

16.00-18.00 Train Clients. Constant underlying sense of unease that have double booked self since 6am client tetris. 

18.30. Teach Spin. Everyone ecstatic as have made it through Monday. Get giddy and shout 'HOW WE FEELING LONDON?’.....Tumbleweed' But on the upside: NO-ONE LEAVES. Get Changed. P.E kit number 4. 

19.30: Teach Spin. Feel like telling moany people that 'THIS IS MY FOURTH SPIN CLASS TODAY YOU KNOW' but then remember I chose my choice to be self-employed and teach a gazillion spin classes a week.  Class are fab, three people even smile. (Note to self, must be too easy.)

20.15 Girl comes up and says 'That was the best thing to happen to me all day'. Realise this is why I bloody do it. 

21.00: Get home. Have first bath of day. (I know). Eat five hunks of cheese straight out the fridge, a gin and tonic, most of a roast chicken, and a frube whilst talking to GF about a song I've just found that has THE BEST RPM EVER. GF gone very quiet, realise she’s lost interest and is now watching a video on BBC news (babies eating limes for the first time, it's a gud'un, can't blame her).

22:00 Make 3 playlists for following day. Assemble 5 P.E kits.

23.30: Think should go to bed. Instead watch Grey's Anatomy.

00.30: Go to bed. Persuade GF to play alphabet game. She dutifully obliges. I fall asleep at 'B'.


6AM: Wake up….



Melissa Power