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1.ridinG to The music 

All major gyms and cycle studios want Indoor Cycling instructors who can programme an incredible class. This course will teach you choreography, musicality and, most importantly, how to ride to the beat. It will show you exactly what the top gyms around the world are looking for and then give you the skills to teach in any of them.



In the last few years the amount of ‘Performance Based’ cycling classes has sky rocketed and, for many instructors, the science of cycling can be a little confusing. However, the MPowered TA makes understanding Watts, cadence and FTP incredibly easy. On completing this course you'll have  the knowledge and confidence to coach a seasoned Tour de France competitor.



On passing the course you're guaranteed an audition for one of the most highly rated and popular gyms in London, which has not just one, but ten different locations. That gives you the chance to secure a LOT of classes straight out of the Academy. Landing a class at this gym will set you up for an incredible time in indoor cycling and open the door for many more fitness opportunities. Your career starts here. 



This course is for you if you need an Indoor Cycling certification. 

Perhaps you’re looking to enter the Indoor Cycling scene and want to take advantage of the guaranteed audition at Gymbox.

Perhaps you've been teaching for years but want to learn more about Performance and Beat riding.

You don’t need any prior qualifications to take part, just an interest in Indoor Cycling!

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1. An Indoor Cycling certification (PD Approved) for recognition by REPs.

2. 16 CPD points.

3. Three ready-made and choreographed playlists to use in your first auditions and classes.

4. A guaranteed place in the training days for one of the best gyms in London - GYMBOX

5. Access to online help from course founder Melissa Power and a network of previous course attendees.




19TH/20TH OCTOBER 2019: Sold out

9th/10th NOVEMBER: Sold out

29th/30th november: spaces available

30th nOVEMBER-1st December 2019: sold out

18th-19th january 2020: SPACES AVAILABLE

Course Cost: £179 (pay upfront) or £199 (pay in instalments).

a deposit of £80 is taken to secure your space and the balance must be paid a month before the course start date

Includes takeaway playlists, class programmes and choreography, ongoing POST COURSE support, audition coaching and FAST TRACKED ONTO GYMBOX’S INDOOR CYCLING TRAINING.

Location: Gymbox, Bank branch




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The Fundamentals

  • Bike set up
  • Bike posture
  • Screening clients and dealing with injuries
  • Health and safety
  • Insurance
  • Legalities

Anatomy and Physiology

  • The bones
  • The muscles
  • The cardiovascular system
  • The nervous system
  • The respiratory system
  • The circulatory system
  • The energy systems
  • Principles of fitness

Beat Riding

  • Choreography and musicality
  • How to programme a full class on the beat
  • How to find and use music for beat riding
  • Hill climbs and beyond
  • How to design a class that caters to today’s crowd

Performance Riding

  • The science of cycling
  • Understanding watts, cadence, speed and functional threshold power
  • How to use different types of performance software to coach classes
  • How to programme a performance class
  • How to use music to enhance performance riding


An incredible 85% of MPowered Graduates are now teaching full time. You can find previous course attendees doing their thing at Gymbox, Boom Cycle, 1Rebel, KXU, Burnr, Digme, Micycle, Doghouse fitness and Tribeca as well as studios in Brighton, Ireland, Amsterdam and the US!



Rob H

I’m so pleased a managed to get a place on the MPowered indoor cycling instructor course with Melissa. I’ve learnt such a great unique skill and had so much fun doing it. I couldn’t recommend this more highly to anyone who wants to be an instructor or increase their indoor cycling skills.

Nathan W

The MPowered Indoor Cycling Academy is a fantastic way to learn the ins and outs of getting a room of people to safely sweat it out. The course is comprehensive, engaging and most of all heaps of fun. Having spent this weekend getting to grips with what it takes to be an instructor I can't wait to get out and start putting the lessons into practice. Melissa is a highly experienced pro at this and you'll struggle to find better. If you want to start out your instructing career on the best possible footing then this is the academy for you.

Natalie P

The MPowered academy is such an amazing programme for anyone looking to qualify to become an instructor or who just loves spin! Melissa has a wealth of experience, and through the course shares everything you need to know to be the best instructor you can be, whilst also having a great time! It is one of the best things I have ever done and can not wait to get out there and start teaching and helping others fall in love with spin.

Stef L

Mel is such a great teacher! Great vibes, learnt lots! Thank you :)

Peter C

I went in to this course feeling nervous, as I was pretty new to Spinning . I knew there would be people much more experienced than me . But it really didn’t matter, not when you have Melissa powers! Everything was made crystal clear and demonstrated amazingly with the type of enthusiasm you can only get from someone who LOVES their job and wants to impart their wisdom on you. The energy she created was infectious and in that moment I knew that I would be hooked on spinning! I’ve left feeling confident and secure with the enthusiasm to push further. If you want an amazing indoor cycling course then really look no further !!

Hannah H

Without a doubt the most fun you will have learning ANYTHING. Melissa is the most inspiring, energetic and personable coach you will ever meet. With no prior experience required in PT, she somehow manages to teach you all you need to know in the funnest and most reassuring of environments. If you're even just considering learning more about Spin or toying with becoming an instructor, sign yourself up immediately!

Michael S

Took part in the MPowered Training Day and it was an absolute Blast. Facilities are great, very up to date software/bikes. Melissa definitely knows her stuff when it comes to indoor cycling and is wonderfully communicative and managed to convince me that i could teach on a bike, and i did! Would 100% recommend this course to anyone looking to get into indoor cycling, or just looking to expand their skill set. TLDR: Great Atmosphere, Amazing Knowledge, Brilliant People. Left feeling super confident and ready to go teach!

Grace M

Amazing course for anyone interested in getting their spin instructor course! Melissa is an incredible teacher and her knowledge knows no bounds. She's great at what she does and is an inspiration. 100% recommend :)

Kevin T

When I managed to secure a space on the MPowered Training Day I was super stoked. Melissa is a master of her craft and is so passionate about what she does that you can't help but feel passionate about it also. Everything is covered on this course and Melissa even helps with creating the perfect class playlist. So much information to take in but you also get a really concise manual to take away with everything that's been taught on the day. The fact that you automatically get an audition for some of the top health clubs in London is major and really distinguishes this course from others of its kind. Overall it was just a really supportive environment in a really great setting with everyone really eager to learn. Even though I am now a qualified instructor and have already secured teaching spots at several gyms (thanks Melissa!) I shall still be attending Melissa's classes on the reg as she's an absolute legend.

Natalie G

Incredible course, valuable insights from a very experienced indoor cycling instructor and how she runs her classes. Learnt a lot about musicality and riding to the beat. Cannot recommend this course highly enough to anyone wishing to embark on a career as an indoor cycling instructor. Melissa will give you the confidence and the edge to be an excellent instructor. Plus it was fun and met some great people from all sorts of backgrounds that I wouldn’t usually meet!

Sarah G

What a fantastic and fun weekend! As soon as I made my enquiry with Melissa about the course details, qualifications etc. I got such a good vibe that I knew Melissa’s indoor spin course was exactly the training course that I wanted to complete. I learnt so much and what I loved the most is that Melissa made sure that everyone felt as comfortable and at ease as possible. 100% I would recommend this course to anyone looking to get certified and have some giggles and laughs along the way!

Ben M

I can not recommend this course enough. Melissa delivers her huge amount of knowledge, with such passion and enthusiasm - which leaves you inspired and excited for what’s to come after the course. Spread over two days in an easy to get to gym less than a minutes walk from Bank station. Book this course - you will not be disappointed!!  

Kathryn B

I would 100% recommend this course to anyone thinking about becoming a spinning instructor! The 2 day course was packed with information, tips, awesome songs and some epic spinning sessions! I learnt so much in this course, and came out buzzing with excitement. Melissa is SO inspiring and motivating, anyone thinking about it should just DO IT! 

Sophia L

Genuinely can't recommend this course enough! Melissa is an absolute legend and had the most fun weekend doing the course. Can't wait to start teaching.

Justina K

I am so fortunate that I have been taught by the best indoor cycling instructor in the UK! Melissa has a wealth of experience in the field and is truly inspirational and full of energy. She motivated and supported us throughout the course. I feel that this certification will help me to stand out amongst other indoor cycling instructors as Melissa has taught us the best techniques on how to keep classes engaging and effective. The course was well structured and very informative. Melissa delivered high amount of information in a concise manner, really focusing on practical applications of theory that will definitely help us when we start teaching. She created a supportive and relaxed atmosphere where a group of great people trained very hard but at the same time had an amazing time. This course was unforgettable and I feel confident to start my own classes very soon. I am very grateful to Melissa for sharing her knowledge with us and highly recommend her course to others!

Lauren W

Melissa is amazing! Her course was so professional and I learnt so much. I definitely recommend it. She’s also very genuine and a great person to teach from. I really got so much out of it.

Stefanie D

Fantastic course to learn all you need to know about becoming an excellent indoor cycling instructor! Melissa has done countless classes and it shows in her expert advice, confident delivery of the materials and a lot of fun to go along with it! Plenty of time practicing different techniques on the bike as well as listening to the theory side. Lots to take away and refer to in future and a great course to take with a welcoming bunch. Would highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to get into the indoor cycling scene.

Cherise C

Superbly structured course. Just as Melissa's classes are and her teaching technique. Very intense, empowering and inspiring. Challenging, very informative and overall an incredible way to work out the body and mind. The course arms you with all you need to know and the intense skill to be a fantastic trainer and teacher.

Sinmi K

If you want to be an indoor cycling instructor, I couldn’t recommend this course enough. Melissa is truly inspiring. She knows her stuff and brought amazing energy in both the theory, as well as the practical. In this two day course you learn a lot, off and on the bike. Melissa was nothing short of supportive, encouraging and funny! You will be well equipped to run your own classes after this.

Frances B

Melissa is a fantastic instructor with years of spin experience! The course was a jam packed weekend with plenty of time spent on the bike and also teaching of the theory side of instructing which Melissa made super interesting. The course is mainly focused on beat riding however we were also taught a little on performance riding. There is plenty of time to practice on the bikes before the assessment at the end of the course. Melissa is there to support every step of the way. For anyone considering training to become an indoor cycling instructor, Melissa's course is thorough, so much fun and super motivational!

Angelika N

Melissa is an incredibly passionate teacher who will make you feel very comfortable and welcome giving you intensive and very informative course at the same time. She not only shared her knowledge, experience and expertise - she also created an amazing atmosphere that brought us trainees really close together (support was REAL)! If you have ever considered instructing indoor cycling there is no other place to go - combination of sport science, hours of practice, great music and tones of useful information that will bring your cycling and teaching skills to another level.

Georgia L

Such an amazing experience with a great group and an even better teacher. Melissa had obviously spend lots of time and effort putting the course together and it was a fantastic experience. Fun, motivational, informative and you come away feeling you are ready to teach and have all the skills for it. She is so supportive and anyone who is taught by her is very lucky! Highly recommend the course!!  

Patrizia P

This was the perfect 2-days programme to gain the valuable knowledge to lead indoor cycling classes. Professional, a fun experience, welcoming, and friendly. Highly recommended!  

Rebekah S

Incredible Indoor Cycling 2 day Course by the amazing & inspirational Melissa Power! I’ve just completed this training course as Melissa was recommended to me by a friend. Wow, such a great blended learning style - on the bike/classroom/interactional - the 2 days flew by and so much information was given and retained! A fun yet challenging atmosphere with a true master/leader in this field. Highly recommended and so thankful for this experience. I feel ready and confident to teach and provide a holistically fun, safe, challenging & dynamic class!  

Julie M

This Indoor Cycling course was two days of hard work and sweat and a weekend well spent! Melissa’s style of teaching and coaching is first class! I am still buzzing off the great vibes and energy, that every single one of us brought to the studio. We all got on so well and Melissa’s humour and encouragement kept us going every step of the way. I can not recommend Melissa and her programme enough to kickstart a career in Indoor Cycling/Spinning. Go and get certified by her now! What...A...Ride!