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Whether you're looking for a high energy exercise class, one to one Personal Training sessions or even to become an inspiring Indoor Cycling instructor, Melissa’s got you covered. Over her ten years in the fitness industry, she’s helped hundreds of people reach their goals and made sure they’ve had an excellent time whilst doing so. 



If you’re looking to get stronger, fitter, leaner, or improve mental health, you're in the right place. Melissa has designed and implemented classes for many gyms in London and now runs her own classes all over London. Whether you're an absolute beginner or a seasoned pro, you’ll be pushed, supported and encouraged.



Nothing gives Melissa more pleasure than helping clients lift, pull and push things they never thought they would or could. If you have a specific goal you’d like some help in reaching, or if you just want to get a bit more active, Melissa offers sessions from 30 to 60 minutes so there's something for everyone's time and budget.


indoor cycling certification

Reckon you could put people through their paces as an Indoor Cycling instructor? Then look no further. The Indoor Cycling Academy will not only give you an internationally recognised indoor cycling certification but will prepare you for today’s world of Indoor Cycling. You’ll come away with a deep knowledge of what both clients and gyms expect from their instructor, as well as a guaranteed audition at a top rated gym in London: Gymbox.



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"Melissa has spent more time on a bike than most people have spent in bed."


Having taught nearly 10,000 classes in her career so far, it's safe to say Melissa knows pretty much everything there is about how to get the absolute best out of her clients. Her technical and musical knowledge, combined with her experience and passion, means she delivers the most exciting and intense exercise classes in the capital. 

  Whether it's pedalling furiously on a bike, lifting weights, jumping up and down or lying on a mat swearing through a particularly tough ab routine, Melissa will be there, cheering enthusiastically, doing it all with you, and making you feel like exercising is actually a lot less horrible than you'd imagined. 

Melissa loves creating new ways to exercise and is responsible for designing and choreographing classes for many of the the top studios and gyms in London. 

Melissa is also passionate about inspiring, motivating and encouraging her students to be the next generation of top instructors and her training academy makes learning how to be one simple. Her love and passion for her craft is passed on to everyone who attends her courses and her classes. 



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See what a handful of Melissa's happy clients have to say about her...


Francesca W

"Having experienced my fair share of London gyms, I can honestly say that Melissa is by far the most motivational, knowledgeable and unique trainer I have ever learned from. She strikes the perfect balance between hard work and humour - never before have I laughed whilst working my triceps. I find myself actively looking forward to Melissa’s classes and would recommend her to anyone seeking proof that exercise can be fun!"

Anjali M

"I’ve had a lot of personal trainers over the years and hands down, Melissa is the best! I am the strongest and fittest I have ever been as a result of training with her over the past year. Her sessions are totally varied so there’s no getting bored and she understands your individual needs. She’s professional, friendly, and works you hard!"

Jane T

"Training with Melissa is a positive experience - really! She is so much fun and so encouraging even making you do ‘one more’ when you think you are going to die!

She is very knowledgeable and unlike some other PTs she practices what she preaches (which also meant I could have a gin or two without feeling guilty!).

Her sessions are tailored to your own goals and her top tunes keep you motivated!"

Siobhan T

"I train with Melissa at least 2 times a week. I always look forward to our sessions despite having a natural aversion to any form of exertion. She makes me laugh, exudes positive energy, takes zero crap and has pushed me to be stronger and fitter than I could have hoped." 

Jenny W

"I've been lucky enough to train with Melissa in 2 of her guises; indoor cycling teacher and also as a PT. She is simply amazing, driving me harder and longer that anyone else. She brings an energy which is second to none to every single cycle class. That combined with her sense of fun and tough love in terms of pushing me to try that little bit harder every week means my aerobic fitness has never been better. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Mel M

"Melissa offers holistic PT to build all muscle groups and develop overall fitness. There’s real diversity in every session and I look forward to the new challenge every week! I’m definitely fitter, stronger and happier because of it. She’s patient, encouraging, knowledgable and also brilliant fun! And she’s an expert on gin too! I’m delighted and fortunate to be one of her clients."

Dana H

"Melissa is a phenomenon. Training with Melissa is phenomenal. You will work hard, laugh, be challenged and pushed to limits you probably didn't know you had. She combines in depth knowledge of all things fitness with an amazing singing voice. If you're lucky, you may hear this. The stuff of angels!"

Jess T

"Training with Melissa will transform your body and attitude to fitness without you even realising it’s happening. I’ve been working out with Melissa for the past 2 years and can honestly say I’ve never met such a dedicated and inspirational trainer. No two sessions are ever the same, you’ll come out of class not being able to remember your own name but the best part about training with Melissa is that she’s truly invested in you achieving your fitness goals whatever they might be."

Jan K

"Melissa has that special quality where she believes in you more than you believe in yourself. She makes sure you feel able to face something challenging by showing you your progress and shouting 'come on' the moment she sees you fade, it really is enough encouragement to energise that last push/rep/scream!! She always keeps my workouts interesting and fun as she knows I bore easily and she gets that I hate running so makes me do every other cardio exercise instead!! She knows my goals and helps me every single session to make progress towards them. With Melissa's training I have been able to push harder, lift heavier and jump higher!! I look forward to every single session despite the pain which is testament to her style - no nonsense but belly laughs galore, gotta love her!!"